Rafał Pocztarski

Senior Back-end TypeScript Node.js Developer

I build custom backend APIs for the InsurTech industry

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Rafał Pocztarski

Programming since 1986

JavaScript Developer since 1996

Node.js Developer since 2009

Stack Overflow top 1% since 2011

TypeScript Developer since 2017

Deno Developer since 2018

Designing, developing, teaching, mentoring, speaking and writing about highest quiality backend JavaScript and TypeScript.

Current focus: Node.js, Deno, WebAssembly, WASI, JavaScript, TypeScript

Particularly proud to be working with: Vienna Insurance Group, Beesafe, Clevertech, Nucity Media, OurHarvest, Packt Publishing, Rap-In, Syncano, WarsawJS, and many more clients.

Designing and developing backend APIs for mobile and web applications

Using TypeScript, Node.js, Docker, Kubernetes, Microservices, RabbitMQ, Express, Hapi, Restify, Nest, NoSQL, MongoDB, Redis, PostgreSQL, Travis, CircleCI, Jest, Jasmine, TDD, REST, JSON, APIs, OOP

My Talks and Interviews

C_tech #16 - Angular CDK / Od Node.js do Deno

Posted by Connectis on Wednesday, January 22, 2020

My Guest Appearances in Podcasts

Node.js Foundation

Node.js Foundation Certification Committee Member

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Open Source and Free Software

Author of Node.js modules on npm (profile on npm)

Contributions to other Node.js modules (profile on Libraries.io)

Contributions to Node.js core (listed as one of the authors of Node.js)

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Writing on:

Stack Overflow + Stack Exchange
(10,000,000+ readers, 1,500+ answers, 100,000+ reputation)
(Golden Node.js Badge #1 in Poland, #6 in Europe, #23 Worldwide)

(10,000+ readers, 400+ followers)

(500,000+ readers, 100+ answers, 500+ followers)

(4,000+ contributions, administrator since 2004)

Stack Overflow

Stack Overflow
Stack Exchange Badge

1,500+ answers on Stack Overflow / Stack Exchange
100,000+ Reputation, 10,000,000+ views

Golden Node.js Badge on Stack Overflow

#1 in Poland, #6 in Europe, #23 Worldwide

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Node.js Contributor IBM Badge API Management Concepts IBM Badge

Node.js Contributor

"The badge holder has demonstrated a commitment to the success of Node.js through direct contributions to the core or one of the top NPM modules. This individual has proven a dedication to the technology and an understanding of the Node.js project, its goals, and the needs of the developer community, while adhering to common development practices that contributes to successful code." - IBM

API Management Concepts

"This badge holder has a basic understanding of the the business and architectural concepts of API development." - IBM


What if I told you there are no tables in relational databases? - The relational model explained using fashion, two crucial sentences and common sense.

Nonblacking I/O on the planet Asynchronia256/16 - explaining asynchronous I/O using fiction

Shame-driven development - The real driving force of open-source software quality.

Back to the Backend Era - Serverless with Syncano


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Rafał Pocztarski, Node.js Developer Warszawa, Node Developer based in Warsaw, Poland
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